Naruto anko dating fanfic

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It had been one month since the first date and Anko couldn't be happier. Since then they had decided to keep it on the down low. They agreed after all it was no one's business but theirs.

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Author's Note : I have a slightly different take on Anko than a lot of other authors do. I find her to be outspoken, but not some kinky mistress who likes to dominate men. She's tough, but I've always assumed she would appreciate a man who could make her feel like a woman.

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By: The voice belonged to Kiba's 13 year old sister Hana. Naruto blushed a little as the newly minted chunin FanFiction; FictionPress. Read Prolouge from the story Arranged Marriage?!

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Naruto Anko eats Temari vore Anko was smiling as she walked into the forest of death to where her lover said to come to. She and Temari had been dating each other ever since Temari turned They both ended up drunk one night and had sex in the hot springs.

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Anko was having a bad day. More so than her normal bad days. Why you may ask?

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FanFiction unleash Naruto pulled out of Anko and fell to the other side of the bed. Knowing he could not stay, he sprang up and began to search for his clothes. With time i was able to dating anko fanfiction break up because like a marriage.

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Fanfics Fanfictions de Naruto de todos os gneros. Kakashi can only watched as Anko and Naruto vanish in a puff of smoke. End of Chapter 1 Due to his friendly nature, tenacity, empathy, unique charisma, and his ability to change people, Naruto Uzumaki has built many relationships over the.

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AN: I'm gearing up for a showdown, so right now; I have to put all the pieces in place. I've also got some new characters stepping into the fray, so there's something to get excited for. Also, I changed the cover image of the story, Mitsuki and Gaara are in the upper left and right respectively.

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All stories contained in this archive are the property of their respective authors, and the owners of this site claim no responsibility for their contents. Filter: 0 Filter You won't see stories with a lower score when you browse or search. The Secret Technique 2.

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Naruto and Anko are secretly in love but no body but hiruzen but with the chunnin exam secrets will unleashed and trust will be tested. Today is a special day and no it isn't pay day no, it's time for the Chunnin Exam time to show off the villages power and also to strengthen bonds. But mostly to show of how strong the village has become and out of all the hidden villages Konoha still ranks number one, even though they don't have the Senju Clan anymore and the Uchiha Clan has been whipped out with only the gennin Sasuke Uchiha alive.


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